Expert Advisor

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Along with the traditional “click to call” Eudata proposes Expert Advisor. In this process customers start a conversation with a company representative by fixing an appointment or based on a presence status.

Presence based engagement: Based on the process that company needs to set up, the presence status should be exposed or not to both participants. The following different situations are implemented by customizing the web interface:

  • The customer can see the presence status of advisor,the advisor cannot see the presence of the customer
  • The avisor can monitor if the customer is online, but the customer cannot see the status of the account

The presence status is available for both, and both can start a conversation

Appointment: the session can be started based on an appointment. The appointment process is typically done using an existing agenda that will be integrated with Eudata WCS

Customer details at a glance: All the information of the customer are available at a glance: his geolocation, the information about his activity on the web portal, the history of the conversation and a view on his profile.

Service transfer or expert transfer: If needed, the conversation can be passed to the customer service or to another expert (in the shop, branch or wherever you want) deciding whether or not to send the attached data, the customer’s profile and the history of the conversation

Integration with the Chabot: You will be able to receive contact from the conversational engine  with all the activities done by customer with the CHATBOT, as well as receiving the session from a colleague

Integration with company tools: it is possible, using our SDKs, to include the expert desktop inside the branch or shop desktop, to have all the tools in the same page

Configuration of the customer’s UI based on the process you need to set up: Not only on graphic, but authentication, back end and CRM enquiries, …

Reporting: Drill down to a single conversation to find every single detail about each interaction

The opportunity of designing a service once and deliver it to Web, Mobile Web and Mobile Application


  • Remote access to branches or shops
  • Virtual Branch or virtual Agency
  • Personal shopper
  • VIP Services
  • Online doctors

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