Recording compliance is now available on WCS Platform

Use Eudata recorder to create business processes for dispositive transactions, identity check, customer onboarding and other valuable processes

The audio/video recording module is an integral part of the Eudata WCS solution that permits to record Audio/Video session active on the Eudata platform, whether they are originated from mobile devices, web or kiosk. The recording may reside totally in the Eudata platform or may be transferred to an external recorder (via SIP protocol).

The recording module is a fundamental component for every situation where it is needed to trace back to the conversations to verify it content. Below some examples where this option is fundamental:

  • Bank dispositive operations
  • New customer onboarding
  • Agreement approval
  • Contract modification
  • Upsell


The recording may occur in two modalities:

  • SIP Forking: by a SIP infrastructure already deployed and by the integration of third party system of recording
  •  Eudata recording: all the Audio/Video sessions are recorded on the WCS platform File System, that may also be integrated from the outside

The Eudata Recording module allows also the integration with existing recording systems already deployed and applied by the final customer.

All the recordings are easily accessible through the administration panel common to all the WCS solutions, that displays all the customer information available to the supervisor, that from the single session can start playing the recording.
The module also permits users to verify with efficiency, security and extreme precision the absolute accuracy of the information shared between the two participants, for instance during the contract conclusion.
Let’s consider for instance the banking context: the video recording module is a valuable resource granting both the informative operations (for example the visualization of an account, or checking the movements) and mostly the dispositive operations as credit transfers and capital movements.
Hence, as regards dispositive operations through videochat between a customer and a remote agent, the recording allows to protect concretely both parts and provides a real, visible and tangible evidence of what happened.
The legal status of this contract stipulated online may be proved in any moment and without no doubt through the Video Recording process, and it constitutes a support instrument in terms of policy, contestations, data retention and
customer onboarding.


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