Eudata Connect Suite

“Must Have” for Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is the most innovative Contact Center platform in the market.
It leverages the value of  AWS Platform that enables companies to scale fast and based on a PAY AS YOU GROW MODEL.
Eudata is part of the AWS ecosystem, with the ability to deliver from small to large scale projects.

Eudata Connect Suite is the prebuilt package to create web-based agent desktop (Next2Connect), to add digital capabilities (WCS) and chatBOT (Convy.AI) to unveil the full potential of Amazon “Connect”

Next to Connect

Gadget based Agent Desktop

CRM integration

Call Control

Unified Customer History


Video chat and collaboration

Conversational Engine
Semantic NLP
Zero code platform
Unassisted + Handover

Eudata Amazon Connect Services

Create or migrate your Cloud Contact Center

Eudata is part of AWS Partner Network and supports its customers to set-up Amazon Connect platform to enable the creation of a cloud contact centre in a simple and efficient way.

We provide solutions able to address the Contact Center’s needs, integrating the various services available on AWS platform.

Our Key offers are based on design, planning and support customers in migrating premise-based solutions or building new Amazon Connect solutions.

We are able to implement Amazon Connect solutions across different sets of clients and industries, taking advantage of Amazon Connect and AWS Platform capabilities to improve customer experience

+10 years of experience in contact center market space

Large Enterprise customers in all verticals

+ 30 experts in contact center technologies

Ability to customize solutions based on Business Requirements

From business design to implementation and support

Analyst and Customer Journey


Engineer, Developer

Support team (up to H24 – italian and english)

The value of methodology

5 PMI certified project manager 

7 Scrum Master

Ability to manage end to end contact center from medium to very large CC infrastructures on Telco, Media, Finance, BPO, Retail

Eudata Connect Suite

Risorsa 6

Next 2 Connect
Agent and Supervisor Desktop

Eudata Connect Suite is the solution designed to enhance Amazon Connect.

Eudata Connect Suite is designed to extend the capabilities of Amazon Connect by offering a complete, wide and scalable platform on each client touch point and able to address all types of services, keeping an elastic and efficient pay per use model.


Next2Connect is a web-based Agent Desktop capable of containing all the necessary services for the contact centre operator or consultants connected to the platform.

Next2Connect integrates inbound and outbound voice services, omnichannel services, management systems, CRM or TT in a single solution, avoiding context changes, automating processes to optimize time and improve user experience.

Next2Connect supports the single-sign-on functionality, integrating the main Identity Provider services via SAML2 mode.
This allows contact center supervisors and agents to access the service with their existing business credentials.
As an administrator, you it’s possible to apply password policies and use your existing SAML 2.0 user directory to check Next2Connect access based on the location, device used, and role of your agents.


Main features

  • Web-based agent desktop
  • Inbound/Outbound Voice
  • Native omnichannel support
  • Customer Centricity: omnichannel historical customer view
  • Customizable UI: Font, logo, colours
  • Gadget based
  • Customer contextualization
  • Process automation based on customer profile
  • Ubiquity
  • Includes CRM, TT, …
  • Hide/show panel to optimize Agent experience

WCS Omnichannel engagement platform

The WCS Omnichannel engagement platform integrates with the Amazon Connect Cloud Contact Center service.

Through WCS the agent will be able to manage the platform’s own channels, including real-time chat, persistent chats, audio/video calls via WebRTC technology, integration with major messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp and Apple Business chat.

Convy AI ChatBOT

Eudata Convy AI ChatBOT integrates with the Amazon Connect Cloud Contact Center service to respond to the most common customer issues without an agent.

Thanks to the integration with Amazon Lex, Convy AI is able to convert the entry into text and to detect the intention of the caller, thus optimizing the success rate of self-service interactions.

If a call will be transferred to an agent, the topic of the conversation is provided to reduce the resolution time.

Intuitive graphical interfaces make it possible to create highly engaging user experiences and realistic conversations.

Learn more about Convy AI

Convy AI

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