Success Story

Eudata & Eolo: An Ultra Fast Collaboration

Quick growth in customer base caused an increase of contacts landing on Eolo Customer Care services .
Learn how Eudata reduced agent work overload and increased customer experience

Eolo Success Case

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The need

Improve Eolo Digital Customers support services

The solution

Eudata has extended the existing Eolo Contact Center with its proprietary Omnichannel Platform, replacing an international player and integrating all internal management tools in a single dashboard, following efficiency and simplicity criteria.

The result

A service which is responsive and simple for customer and efficient for agents and supervisors, thanks to new profiling and engagement logics with a captivating and modern customer interface.


Yearly operational cost saved

+ 45%

Efficiency in the system use

6 Months

ROI turned positive in less than

“Innovation has been forever in EOLO DNA, not only regarding connectivity services, but most of all the Care services that we offer to our customers.”

Luca Spada - Eolo AD

“Our mission is to help Organizations innovate digital customer care processes making them more efficient, in order to improve customers experience while reducing operational costs.
This is exactly what we did – with our passion and competence – also for Eolo, and the results demonstrate this”

Sandro Parisi - Eudata CEO


the innovative mobile chatbot made by Eudata in collaboration with EOLO to support the customer care service at any time and make it efficient


Use Case for efficient conversational Customer Service: Finance and Telco





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