Email and SMS

Empower your service managing inbound and outbound email or SMS (or a combination) to address customer’s conversation as a part of your multichannel strategy

Email is still a widely used channel by end customers, as well as SMS. Moreover, companies always use those channels to address outbound campaigns.

Eudata Email manager can manage inbound messages (based on simple and powerful rules), reply fast and manage multiple templates. The email manager, coupled with SMS gateway, can manage SMS in the same interface used for traditional emails.
As SMS and Email can also be parts of outbound campaigns, this privilege makes you able to configure your targets and send messages, moreover gives your customers the chance to reply to your team directly (customer service or advisors) by a single click to deep dive the proposal, activate a service or complete a transaction.


Rich contents: the email is not a simple conversation, it is enriched with a set of attached data (IP, email, …)

Preferred Agent: once an agent starts managing a customer, the conversation will be transferred to him as the primary owner of it.

Contact History: each active conversation will be maintained in the history of the previous contacts in order to make it easy for the agent to manage the answers

Banning the hecklers: if somebody is disturbing your service, simply add him to a black list to avoid future contacts

Email Template: agents can access the predefined templates, managed by the admin, using to provide answers to specific topics in a quick and organized way

Automatic Response: configure automatic response to customers


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