Customer Centricity

Have access to all the relevant information of customer’s behavior on your digital channels

In order to be really competitive in the long run, Organizations must know the customers, gain their trust and be aligned with their perception of value, so that Brands can perfection their offering and be better placed in the market.

People today expect a thrilling Customer Experience and a fluid and consistent Customer Journey; services offered by a Brand must be able to act at an emotional level and be a differentiating element in front of competitors.

Having all this in mind, Eudata implemented Customer Centricity inside its own WCS platform, allowing Agents to visualize in real time and go deeper into the history of interactions between Customer and Brand.

The History of Agent-Customer conversations is represented by a timeline where the interactions are sorted by a descending chronological order and are associated to the channel used by the customer. As shown in the previous picture, the agent can visualize different elements for each single customer:

  • the contact used Channel: can be web (chat, video, audio), asynchronous interaction, web callback or email (different icons)
  • the Service the Agent is associated to (boarding, technical issues,…)
  • the contact Result, which is the outcome of the contact managed and is filled out by the Agent
  • the Purpose, which is the reason for the customer contact

It is also possible to select the single contact and do a drill down with a double-click:

  • the Customer Info section displays all the information that the customer has inserted in the initial form, agent’s additional notes regarding the managed contact and the reason for the contact closure:
  • in the Messages it is possible to see the entire conversation occurred:

If the interaction with the customer was via email, it is also possible to read each single email exchanged:

Customer Centricity is implemented also on the Supervisor side, by means of tools to group and filter the details of conversations of a single customer:

  • from the Admin/SuperAdmin panel in the Report section it is possible to filter, for the selected time period, the customer using the Customer ID function in order to see the number of sessions occurred with that particular user.

For each single session it is also possible to get more information (More Info):

  • geolocation, start date, end date, the agent who managed the contact
  • see the whole History of the conversation between the agent and customer.

Through this functionality Eudata provides Agent and Supervisor with tools to visualize and organize in real time all the information for each single customer.

It is possible to see the channel used, the outcome and the reason for the contact and the whole Chat History.

Eudata Customer Centricity offers to Brands a more profound and complete landscape of what customers ask for and desire, enriching the information capital and providing a strategic tool to increase the Customer Experience and ultimately the business.

“what a customer perceives, feels, remembers or asks for is the cornerstone for a Brand’s success.”



Digital Customer Centricity





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