Actionable Reporting and Analytics

Analysis, management and representation of statistical data from conversations between a user and a BOT

The Convy REPORTING section allows the gathering, analysis, management and representation of statistical data coming from conversations between a user and a BOT.

This translates into a powerful cockpit that can be used to manage and improve the system performances, making it possible to measure benefits and detect improvement areas. The improvement and evolution of dialogue flows are crucial aspects when managing a conversational engine since they are strictly tied to the quality of the service provided.

Actionable reporting

The Actionable Reporting Dashboard offers tools that allow you to have a quick and efficient overview of the functioning of the chatbot and at the same time a sufficient
detail to get an accurate idea of ​​any changes or improvements

New Charts Dashboard

The New Charts Dashboard groups into four distinct panels:

  •  the volume of sessions managed by the software;
  •  the KPIs for the outcome of the sessions divided into:
    • conversations managed entirely by the bot (Fullbot);
    • conversations passed to a human operator (Handover);
    • conversations in which the user no longer interacted with the chatbot (Timeout);
    • conversations that have generated an error (Error);
  • The Bubble Chart that allows users to monitor user satisfaction by comparing the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Fullbot conversations.
  • WordCloud that allows you to monitor the use of intent and is customizable by the customer.

Quantitative Reports

Quantitative KPIs trace:

  • the number of chats received;
  • the number of chats managed by the system and closed;
  • the number of chats closed by the system by mistake;
  • the number of chats closed by timeout;
  • the number of chats passed to the operator;
  • the management time of each type mentioned above.

Qualitative KPIs allow the analysis of elements such as:

  • comprehension of the phrases typed by users (semantic confidence);
  • indicators of using the Conversation Flow of each bot;
  • user satisfaction (based on the votes shown in the Survey).


In addition to creating the predefined reports described so far, the Convy Admin the interface allows the creation of customized reports and graphs based on the data
collected by the system.

All reports produced can be exported in Excel format.

Moreover, since the information gathered by the reporting system is stored in a relational database, it is possible to prepare export scripts to automatically transfer
the collected data to external Business Intelligence systems or analysis.

Dialogs Details

Starting from the selected time interval (Created AT – CLosed At) this funcionality allows to have a complete overview of all the contacts for each customer under ‘User ID’, of the specific Dialog Flow that has been followed and of the ‘Channel’ used for the conversation with the ChatBOT (Facebook, Telegram, Twitter…)

By clicking on View Detail it is possible to see in a greater detail the conversation for each customer (Gender, Timezone…) and a complete History of the Chat

Semantic Statistic

Convy Admin allows to have statistics related to intent recognition: how often the ChatBOT recognized a specific user intent, with the related degree of confidence

For instance, let’s consider the intent “Sale”: the integrated semantic engine recognized this user intent 100% of the times, 36 out of 36.
The 8% refers to the total of all intents considered in the specific time interval: in this way it is possible to build a ‘ranking’ of the topics that customers asked more frequently to the ChatBOT in a specific time interval.

The detail [+] allows to look into a specific semantic field and to see the ‘Path’ that led to that specific intent recognition: in this way it is possible to highlight the criticalities and improvements, and to refine the semantic interpretation

Flow Navigation Statistic

This feature allows to select a specific conversation flow, in order to obtain specific information in the selected time interval

For the selected flow Convy Admin shows the total number of incoming conversations, how many are unique and how many terminated or handed over to a human operator: this allows to understand how users navigate through the conversation flows

Semantic Confidence

Changing the perspective, this feature allows to select a specific intent of the semantic engine and to analyze the degree of confidence by which the engine recognizes sentences and request involving the intent

The above picture displays the number of occurrences based on the confidence range of the semantic engine; this intent has been recognized 41 times with a degree of confidence ranging from 85 to 100% and only one time in the range from 0 to 40% with a semantic confidence score of 20.09%


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