Automate your support services with integration
between the chatBOT of Eudata and vtenext

The Eudata Convy AI ChatBOT integrates with vtenext, the open source CRM with BPM engine, and makes service support processes even faster and more effective.

When a user opens an alert, the first level of support related to the service request can be managed initially and automatically by Convy.

The BOT will perform the pre-analysis and cataloguing of the request and, if the flow allows it, will manage the assistance process independently, until the ticket is updated on vtenext

In the event that Convy is not able to independently manage and resolve the customer’s request, it will open a ticket on vtenext, allowing it to be taken over by an operator, according to the process configured on the CRM.

Thanks to this effective integration and the Convy AI digital self-service service, every company that uses vtenext can offer its customers 24-hour continuous assistance and an overall improvement of the user experience, without burdening its workforce.

The operator, thanks to the first automatic assistance filter, will have to manage only the most complex requests, benefiting in any case from already “prequalified” tickets and accompanied by information about the user and the type of request.

Eudata ConvY AI and vtenext increase the effectiveness of your customer support through a continuous service available 24 hours a day, a better user experience and a reduction of workloads for all operators.

One integration, multiple advantages. Don’t wait any longer, try it!?

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