Web Call Back

Efficient Call Back process used to manage out of hour, closed service or appointment

Provide your service to your customers even when you are not available, using a call back process to interact with them once they are unoccupied

Use the call back process to serve your customers efficiently also when your service is busy or closed, or create a call back service to schedule appointment.

Available for web contact center (click to chat) or in the expert advisor: The call back works in the same way in every engagement process.

Rich contents: The callback is not a simple conversation, it is enriched with a set of technical and qualitative information:

  • Technical details: Customer IP, domain, customer’s preferred device for the contact, attached data, …
  • Qualitative details: Customer details, web page where the contact was activated from, data from the form, content of the request…

Preferred channel: Customer can choose his preferred channel to be contacted on:

Email: The agent will send an email to the customer. The email may contain a link to a real time channel (customizable) that the customer may use to start a conversation with the agent.

Call: The agent will call back the customer on the voice channel. If an outbound engine is presented it is possible to integrate the process

Others: Using API other channels can be used to create different processes


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