Visual IVR

What is the Eudata Visual IVR?

Thanks to the Visual IVR system by Eudata it is possible to change the experience of using a web portal or a mobile application, making it available through conversational interfaces and graphic menus (carousel, buttons, …).

If the technical content of the site does not change in its substance, what transforms the service is the mode of use, which instead of relying on research in a drop-down menu or lateral is based on a dialogue with a BOT that guides me directly to the content of interest.

Visual IVR is a support application that guides users in navigating a website.
More and more companies need to interact with their customers in a conversational way; Eudata Visual IVR is a virtual assistance tool that allows the user to have a simple and effective visual support that allows you to find the information you need in just few clicks.
This technology connects perfectly customers with self-service options and / or support resources that can solve their problem / request at first contact.

The Value


This aspect presents new growth opportunities for organizations. The traditional IVR investment can now turn into a case of winning use both for the organization and for the client.
If scanning a screen is faster than listening to long menus, why not make your current visual IVR system easily accessible from your company’s website or your client’s mobile phone?

Imagine allowing customers who visit your website to click through your IVR without having to pick up the phone and listen to every voice message or struggle with speech recognition! We know that the last thing you want to do is to keep another set of customer interaction scripts. So we make things easier: Visual IVR works with existing IVR scripts and can be published via an easy-to-use menu-based interface on the Web.

Eudata helps you to expand the IVR experience by providing visually guided menus on your client’s website or smartphone.

Eudata Visual IVR offers your customers a convenient menu interface for your IVR. This allows users to quickly select the options they need, saving time and money.

How does it look?


The Eudata Visual IVR presents to your users a menu-based interface to your IVR system, which you can make available on your website or on your mobile app. Now your customers can simply click or tap their system through the IVR system without listening to each option.

The best part?
It works perfectly with your existing IVR system. There are no expensive tears and substitutions or rewrites. Visual IVR uses existing IVR scripts, allowing customers the choice of using a conventional IVR or the new Visual IVR.
The contents can be modified using the Flow Editor of the ChatBOT platform of Eudata “Convy AI”
Visual IVR is sometimes known as Graphical Content Routing (GCR).
Both terms refer to the ability to extend the IVR to a visual medium through the new touchpoints.

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