Visual IVR

Use dynamic and conversational menus to disrupt and simplify your web site or mobile APP user experience

From an IVR to Visual IVR: Zero waiting time


If surfing a screen is definitely quicker than listening to long menus on the phone, why not adding a visual IVR, easily accessible from your Organization Web page or from your customers mobile phones?

Automate and speed up repetitive tasks

It can recognize the customer 

It can give contextualized, personalized information

What if the customer is not satisfied and needs more info?

Visual IVR allows the handover to a human operator
or to schedule a Callback

A use case: from Voice to VISUAL IVR Surfing

During peaks of incoming calls, SMS can be sent to customers.

Customers receive a link and are redirected to the Visual IVR on your Organization web page, where they can receive the information or service they need.

All done on customers mobile phones.

Eudata Solutions – Customer Journey

User/ Customer

Access Points


Visual IVR






How to implement a Visual IVR

Two main components are needed for a Visual IVR:

  • Frontend: can be implemented by the IT department or by Eudata.
  • Contents: they are directly implemented on Convy platform by a team of ‘editors’.



The frontend must be able to recognize the type of content coming from Convy.

Once a Visual IVR has been implemented, the editors team can work independently from the IT department to add/remove/change content whenever needed and with immediate effect on the web page or mobile app.



Contents are generally built by the editors team (can be marketing, communication, business departments).

They can be designed on Convy by non technical staff. Zero coding.

A Visual IVR is not just evolved FAQs. Contents are personalized and contextualized on each single customer.

They are dynamic. Can be updated in real time.

From a Visual IVR to a full BOT


Visual IVR and classic Convy chatbot are not mutually exclusive, they can live together to widen and boost the CX offered by an Organization.

A Visual IVR can be the first step towards a chatbot.

The evolution towards a full chatbot can be achieved adding a semantic engine to offer a truly conversational experience.

No HTML pages implementation.

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When Artificial Intelligence takes care of its customer


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The first ChatBOT of public transport in Italy


The country's first Artificial Intelligence (AI) based banking Chatbot powered by Eudata

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