Eudata solution platform

The Eudata platform is the best solution in the marketplace for digital customer care, with ten years of experience in all verticals

Eudata ChatBOT – Convy AI

Eudata artificial intelligence Convy AI helps customers with a human like experience simplifying customer interactions

About us

Mediolanum customer service and private banker

Banca Mediolanum one of the largest and solid online banks in Italy, considered as one of the most innovative financial institutes in the market. Banca Mediolanum uses Eudata WCS to deliver services to its customers via Web and Mobile. Online customers have access both to the contact centres and family bankers (personal advisors) using a single interface

e-poslovnica Zagrebačke banke

From 2013, Zaba Bank one of the largest Croatian financial institutes is delivering Eudata video services to interact with its online customers professionally and innovatively.

“ilario”: Eudata Chatbot Solution for ASF

Ilario is the first chatbot for a public transport company in Italy. An innovative solution that improves ASF’s relationship with customers

Eudata srl & Doxee: when chatBOT and custom video come together!

Eudata ChatBOT integrates with Doxee personalized videos to offer  customized services more in line with customers expectations

iLario, the Eudata ChatBOT  for ASF, is among the finalists of Elis Open Italy 2017

ASF, an important public transport company in Como, is among the finalists of Elis – Open Italy 2017 with the ChatBOT project “iLario” realized by Eudata srl to support and assist travellers.
Angelo Costa, Managing Director of Arriva Italia, talks about iLario

‘EBL DIA’ (EBL Digital Interactive Agent)

is country’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) based banking Chatbot, where anyone can interact with EBL by chatting with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Chat Robot on a social media platform.


the innovative mobile chatbot made by Eudata in collaboration with EOLO to support the customer care service at any time and make it efficient

Convy Eudata + Webex Team Cisco

Eudata Convy is now also available on Webex Team, the Cisco collaboration platform.
This solution allows companies to realize automated processes based on dialogues to meet the needs of users inside or outside the company.

Our Features

Eudata ChatBOT, Convy AI, integrates with the Voice Assistants Amazon Alexa

This video shows the interaction between Convy + Alexa with a customer during an online purchase process

Il ChatBOT di Eudata, Convy AI, si integra con l’Assistente Vocale Google Assistant

Il video mostra l’interazione tra Convy + Google Home con un cliente durante un processo di acquisto online

Persistent Chat

Eudata presents a new approach to keep you in touch with your customers, persistent chat, the new way to communicate with your customers through channels like WhatsApp and Telegram including customer care.

Eudata and Cisco UQ connector

Eudata WCS integrated with Finesse to manage email, sms, persistent mobile chat, real time chat, audio/video chat and collaboration

Web Customer Service with proactive engagement

Provide a face to face service to your Customers from your portal. Get in touch with an agent by a click of a button  and switch between channels seamlessly, activate chat, audio, video and real time sharing from a unique interface

Teacher Bot

How to configure a simple bot with the “Teacher bot”.
Use Eudata experience to create an effective and engaging customer journey through the bot configuration

First Customer Authentication

How long an On boarding process lasts in your Bank? Typically, 5 man-days. Make short this process to 20 minutes and reduce the churn rate with our on boarding solution, available for all customers across Europe

Expert Advisor

Upsell your customers with the easiest and the most intuitive process available in the market! We provide a possibility for your advisors to monitor if customers are online and support them in case of any need, proposing new services or suggesting new products. A face to face conversation and collaborative tools will help you to transform each single interaction in a new deal.

In App mobile Experience

Use real time collaboration capabilities within your mobile APP (IOS+Android) using Eudata WCS. Be available for your Contact Centre or your remote expert engagement flow based on the business process you will define

Email & Sms Features

Empower your service managing inbound and outbound email or SMS (or a combination) to address customer’s conversation as a part of your multichannel strategy

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