Video Advisor

Use the Eudata solution to provide a simple and intuitive video support service to your customers based on the Cisco Contact Center

How Eudata Video Advisor can replace REM

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Video Advisor is the Eudata solution to set up Video Sessions between customers and Agents: it allows the customer to contact an expert in the Cisco Contact Center through Audio and Video call.

Video Advisor solution supports Link and Document Asynchronous Sharing, or double sidereal time Desktop Sharing and it is also available the Co-Browsing capability.

Eudata WebRTC Adaptive Engine

Eudata fully supports WebRTC, past the youth problems of the Protocol providing an adaptive layer to address communications that comes from a large set of Browsers and Devices

Video Advisor: supported browsers

Video Advisor: supported Mobile Devices

Video Advisor Session Flow


Video Advisor is used as an Internet VOIP video phone from the internet, based on WebRTC technology.
Video Advisor will receive the session request, looks for a line to use to register to sip server (or sip trunk to use) and make a call to a sip line number.
Video Advisor is fully integrated with Cisco CVP and Cisco CUCM for routing calls to the desired expert.
Are available both WebRTC2WebRTC and WebRTC2SIP calls.
A recording solution is available to record Audio and Video streaming and to save associated with the session into the reporting layer.

Video Advisor Matrix
  Eudata WCS

Voice/Video Calling

Y any browser with WebRTC (Except Explorer)

Screen Sharing


WebRTC to SIP Transcoding


App Sharing


Remote Control


Content Push


Web Content






Session Tagging


Context Sharing


URL Encoding for Simple Sharing


Visual IVR

Y (full integration with Cisco CVP )


Y clientless


Video Support on Web

Add a simple “Click To Call” button on your web site to provide real-time support to customers and users

Video Support on Mobile

Add Video Capabilities to your mobile APPs using native SDKs to enrich your customer experience


Create Video services available from a public Kiosk (based on PCs or on mobile devices)

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