Real Time Sharing

Share content and applications in a simple and interactive way

Share content and applications in a simple and interactive way thanks to the new Real Time solutions Eudata WCS

Collaborate in real time with your customers, and share with just one click contents, business proposals and product sheets. Do not limit yourself to web sharing (Cobrowsing), but make viewable online all the business tools to your employees’ disposal in order to maximize the effectiveness of customer interaction processes. At the same time, any content, upon approval, can also be shared with the customer. Sharing is available on fixed devices (Windows or Apple) and mobile (Apple and Android).

Do you want to make an successful online counseling?
Have you got difficulty in understanding your customers’ support requests and the necessity to contextualize them better?
Do you want to increase the effectiveness and responsiveness of your team?
For all this, you can use the Eudata Real Time Sharing feature and work successfully together with your customers.

Eudata WCS supports sharing in both directions, both the agent and the customer have the opportunity to:

  • share the screen, a part of the screen or specific applications to maximize the effectiveness of the communication
  • have a current view of all the information related to the session, in order to contextualize the customer
  • support and be supported on web browsing, on the compilation of a format, on the completion of a particular field of a bank transfer


The solution consists of three screen sharing modalities:


Screen sharing: sharing the entire screen
Application sharing: sharing the single application
Area sharing: sharing a single portion of the screen (drag selection)


The functionality of Eudata Real Time Sharing version 4.6 fully supports WCS WebRTC technology.
This extension allows users to apply the real-time sharing in all types of browsers: Firefox and Chrome as well; Screen / App Sharing are now also available for Explorer and Safari.

Once established a WCS session (Video/Chat), it is essential to share content with the other party.
It’s been shown that this increases customer satisfaction, reduces call duration and increases significantly the rate of “call resolution” performance.
Thanks to Real Time Sharing the agent will own a vision aligned with the customer, the possibility to understand immediately and effectively the requests and the ability to assist the user with extreme precision, leading him to a solution.
At the same time by reducing the possible misinterpretation of his claims and the effectiveness of the result, the customer will increase the degree of satisfaction in the services offered.


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