Proactive Engagement

Track, support and engage your online visitors

What if we set up a perfect strategy to increase web customer’s visits on our company portal, but customers are not properly engaged? What if they have a problem when they’re completing a transaction or registering to our service?

Address those cases using Eudata proactive engagement, be side by side to your customers when they really need you. Define the moment of truth when the customer benefits an agent’s support, and map it inside the solution using a simple wizard.

Proactive Engine is a part of the Eudata Customer Engagement platform. It:

  •   Tracks and engages customers on your web site, monitors their behaviour in real time and provides a set of report to cluster your online traffic
  •   Provides information about customer’s navigation on the website to the agent
  •   Enables Easy configuration of your services and real time modification using the Admin Interface

This module is based on a rule-driven engine which analyses customer’s navigation on a specific web portal (or on a cluster of pages) and permits to activate an action based on the result of the rule. The typical action is a “click to talk” button, but other actions are also possible (having access to FAQ, page redirection, web form, etc.). The rule engine is configured via a simple wizard that realizes the process and the engagement with a few guided steps. More complex integrations are available using a specific API.


  • Supporting confused customers by proposing real time support or having access to the right FAQ at the right moment using a non-invasive approach.
  • Clustering customers based on their behaviour or some specific campaigns and engaging them in case of necessity

No more missed selling opportunities

Proactive engine is optimized to have the right interface based on customer’s device (pc, smartphone, tablet, …)


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