Eudata platform is a Customer Engagement Hub that helps the large enterprises to create value added services for their customer base.

From self to assisted services and outbound campaign, Eudata WCS is the best tool to cover all the moments of interaction between Digital Customers and Organizations

Eudata Omnichannel approach:

  • A single service available on all possible digital channels
  • All relevant information about the customer journey is stored in a single point
  • AI helps to automate process based tasks
  • Analytics are available for supervisor, with 360 customer view
  • It is possible to use real time analytics for agents directly on their desktop
  • Integration with enterprise context via APIs and SDKs


Real Time or Persistent Multi chat

Live or persistent interaction between company representative (agents, experts or account managers) and customers


Voice and Video chat

Humanize your customer’s experience using voice or video on the web or on mobile. Use Video recording to provide order transactions


Collaboration on Eudata virtual desk

Use our virtual desk capabilities to share link, desktop or single application, or to send and receive documents during customer’s conversations


Web Call back

Manage out of hours or large workload by utilizing our call back capability. Use IOT also to manage appointments


Analytics and Session Details with 360-degree Customer view

Web based reporting layer, with customizable KPIs dashboard (historical or real time). Session detail with 360-degree customer view

Proactive Engagement

Analyse your customers’ behaviour and interact with them only when needed


Conversational Engine

Provide a self-service for your customers with our artificial intelligence, coupled with semantic engine to deliver a natural language conversation with a Chabot. In case of any need the Chabot can transfer to a real agent with a smooth transition


Mobile Ready

Eudata provides mobile native SDKs with which our capabilities can be added to existing mobile APPs. A large set of capabilities are available also on mobile browsers



The highest level of security in the market, based on large enterprise requirements


Open APIs

Each module is equipped with an open API that enables partners and customers to create the necessary integration and customization

Business Edition (WCS)

Eudata business edition is designed for large enterprises that prefer to control “end to end” infrastructure, using an “On Premise” solution installed inside their network.
The Business edition is associated with a traditional “one shot license model” and a recurring annual maintenance.


Flexible model based on recurring all-inclusive annual fee. Eudata can provide both the software platform and the dedicated cloud infrastructure.
Eudata IaaS shall be hosted in EU data centre, with the security of the data staying in the EU.


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