Persistent Chat

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Title: Mobile and web messaging with persistent conversations
Subtitle: Be closer to your customer using his preferred UX, having web and mobile conversations in a “WhatsApp” style inside your company APP or portal. Take full advantage of push notification mechanism.
Persistent chat is a mix of traditional chat and email that benefits the ubiquity of email and the simplicity of chat. It’s a perfect user experience for your customers, a revolution for your customer service and your branch employees, which helps them to manage their workload better needless to reply in real time.
Using push notifications, the response will follow the customer to his device in a non-invasive matter.

Available for web contact centre flow as well as on the expert advisor flow : the persistent chat works in the same way in every engagement process.

Rich contents: the persistent chat is not a simple conversation, it is enriched with a set of technical and qualitative information

  • Technical details: customer IP, domain, customer’s device type (mobile, fix), operative system and browser (if used), attached data from the web page, …
  • Qualitative details: customer details, web page where the chat was activated from, customer profile (if authenticated session), data from initial form, …

Preferred Agent: once an agent starts managing a customer, the conversation will be transferred to him as the primary owner of the conversation.

Contact History:
each active conversation will maintain in the history of the previous contact in order to make it easy for the agent to manage the answers

Banning the hecklers: if somebody is disturbing your service, simply add him to a black list to avoid future contacts

Fast Replay: agents and experts can access the predefined fast answers, link and documents, in order to improve the quality of response and the time dedicated to each single task

Escalation to real time conversations: if needed, with a simple click, a real time session can be started, with all the capabilities available (chat, audio, video, collaboration)

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