Mobile & Web Messaging

Calm down and simply help your customers wherever they are

Reach your customers in a non-invasive way, using text messages that follows the customer on their preferred device (web, smartphones or tablet)

When a real time conversation is not possible, for the lack of time or because the context is not ideal, text messaging is the best way to serve the customer and to realize a profitable conversation

Real Time chat: It’s the easiest way to realize a text based conversation with a customer, on a web site (private or public area) and on a mobile device (mobile browser or in APP). Use Eudata WCS to design a service and make it available on all the touchpoints your customer may use

Email and sms: Send email and SMS to your customers (point to point or broadcast to specific clusters) and manage the following conversation with an agent or an expert. Create a sms/email based customer service, along with all the other Eudata channels

Persistent chat: Follow your customers on different devices, maintain the history of the conversation available and provide the simplest possible user experience to your clients.

Customer details at a glance: All the customer’s information are available at a glance: his geolocation, the information about his activities on the web portal, the history of the conversation and a view on his profile.

Integration with the chatbot: Receive contact from the conversational engine with the list of activities done by the customer in the ChatBOT, as well as receiving the session from a colleague

Integration with company tools: It is possible, using our SDKs, to include the expert desktop inside the branch or shop’s desktop, to display all the tools on the same page

Configure the customer’s UI based on the process you need to set up: Not only on graphic, but authentication, backend and CRM enquiries, …

Reporting: Drill down to a single conversation to find every single detail about each interaction

Design your service once and deliver it to Web, Mobile Web and mobile APP



  • Customer care
  • Personal advisor
  • Sales support
  • Outbound broadcast

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