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SOLUTION: Web Customer Service (WCS)
AREA: Web Bank
Click To Session, Proactive Engagement, Expert Advisorand Proactive Engagement
Mediolanum Banca


Mediolanum Bank is an Italian Bank strongly active on the web channel. Mediolanum Bank has an innovative approach to the financial market, this is why its brand is typically linked to the idea of innovation in the market and it is considered a benchmark.


The aim pursued by the bank was to improve the level of intimacy and effectiveness of the interaction with customers and prospects. In this direction it was decided to use new media channels such as video calls and instant messaging (IM) or Chat that allow online communication between customers, contact center and “family banker” (Mediolanum Financial Advisor).

For the prospect it was decided to provide a chat channel in some strategic areas of the website, with a dedicated set of agents that receive enquiry and help the prospects to focus the services provided by the bank.

Once logged on the portal, the customer can choose to start a conversation with a contact center agent, if he needs support on his account, or with his financial advisor, (based on his availability status) if he needs a consultancy about investments. The interaction with the family banker is bidirectional, therefore also the expert can contact the customer to proactively suggest services and products.


The customer’s requirements are fully implemented by Eudata WCS. The system is in fact capable of making available a set of channels such as:

Audio Web Call
Video Chat
Collaboration Tools
Expert Presence

In the desired Scenario the Mediolanum’s web user has now the opportunity to set up an end-to-end web communication (chat/Audio/Video) both with a Contact Center Agent, as regards the traditional bureaucratic and informative questions, and with a Family Banker, to address more personal and custom questions.

The Mediolanum customer could get in touch with a Contact Center Agent using a bottom-screen-docked toolbar. Furthermore, the web-portal in the private customer area shows the user the presence status of his “Family Banker” in the right sidebar. Here are the controls that start the Collaboration Interaction (Chat, Audio or Video).

A plus of the solution is also in the level of integration with the Mediolanum Bank infrastructure. The Eudata WCS manage all the routing tasks to the agents using the Mediolanum CTI layer; in this way an agent can receive both web and normal calls using the same agent desktop. The agent also receives on his screen information about the customer (customer profile, service requested…) that are used to provide better quality of service, shorter call duration and to set up specific CRM Campaigns.


Given the great success and customers’ appreciation, Mediolanum has decided to continue investing in the WCS solution, planning for the immediate future to add the module of proactive engagement, in order to increase the chances of contact with its customers.
Furthermore, an enhancement will be carried out on the mobile apps, in order to cover with the services the majority of devices on the market today.


With the WCS platform, Mediolanum has been able to rebuild on its website the 1 to 1 relationship, typically provided by its personal advisor, reducing the time spent on a single customer. Moreover this made the customer feel well advised encouraging a feeling of trust in the people of the bank.
The strategic vision of the evolution of customer care, with the choice of the Eudata WCS solution, has de facto led Mediolanum Bank to be one of the first companies in the financial sector to offer customer care chat, voice and video channels to its customers, even on mobile devices.
In the first phase, without any particular marketing activity, it moved about 10% of its traffic to the web, saving money and providing a great service to its customers.

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