Are you wondering to see our suite running live?

This is the right place.

You can use it like both customer and agent.

This is a basic self live demo ( it doesn’t have all the features), i.e. You could be the customer and the agent handles the contact

The only requirements are:

  • Modern browser (for IE users: 8+)
  • Installed and configured webcam

To test the solution you need to follow these steps:

  • Login as agent, clicking on “Go To Unyco Agent” and insert the username “demolive1” and the password “demolive1”
  • Once logged in, you can click on this page the “Live Support” button
  • A new window will be opened, this is the customer interface
  • Have a look to the impressive set of informations about the caller agent side, look at the geolocation details
  • ry the amazing escalation to audio video feature
  • Once the contact is closed, see how simple is to track and comment contacts


Agent/Expert Side

Try the agent experience

Use the button below to get at the Unyco Agent login page.

Once there, use credentials demolive1/demolive1

Go to Agent


Customer Side

Try the Customer experience

Do you need support?

Hey, this is a button to engage a live support… amazing!

Do you like it?

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