Communicate, innovate, support and inform with the omnichannel video customer engagement solution

Innovative, with elegant and compact design, Eudata Kiosks has been projected to provide an indoor or outdoor video assistance services, video support, promotion and sales.

Using Eudata Kiosks is the easiest way to present your brand and your service wherever you want. They can be a remote shop or branch, or an informative point for your customer.
Coupled with a human assistant the result is a virtual point where your customers will be served as in front of your shopping assistant or inside your branches at any time.

Eudata’s experience perfectly matches with kiosk to deliver a service available wherever customer expects it, web or mobile.
On Eudata kiosk, you may set up a list of components that helps customers to complete the transactions they need.

Eudata Kioks Advantages

For Customer:

  • Be supported by a specialized agent even if your branch is closed: user friendly and available 24/h;
  • Interrupt and continue with the process remotely in the calm of your own home;
  • Share information and be followed proactively in order and payment steps;
  • Omnichannel: communication can start on one device and resume on another different


For Company:

  • Scan documents and complete a contract remote safely
  • Increase request of advanced digital service level
  • Increase efficiency of sales process
  • Growth of loyalty and customer satisfaction: best customer experience



Payment: Enjoy the opportunity of making a payment using cards, simply by swiping it or using the contactless features, in order to close transactions
Card Reader: Acquire information and recognize your customers using an embedded card reader
Printer, scanner: remotely manage the printer and the scanner on the kiosk, in order to share or receive documents quickly and securely.
Signature pad: Use signature pad to certify the identity of the user and to sign new contracts and documents
Audio and Video, sharing: Use Eudata audio and video capabilities to interact with the final user while she/he is in front of the kiosk. Share the agent’s/expert’s monitor to replicate the branch experience.
Design: Define the design, choosing from our standard models (vertical or on desk) or ask for a customized solution. Choose from indoor or outdoor outfit
Domotic: There are available a set of domotic controls to enhance the usability of the solution and the interactions with the environment


  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • GDO
  • E-Commerce
  • Pharmacy
  • Utilities
  • Healtcare
  • Retail


  • Virtual branch: Set up a solution inside your branches to have access to expert advisors who are available just in some specific branches. Use sitted outfit for consultancy or vertical kiosk to replicate bank office activities
  • Unattended Branch: Set up a local branch without employees, in a single and full featured box
  • Shopping malls: Use our kiosks to set up marketing activities inside malls, making benefit of the mixture of our physical solution and our software designed to create commercial opportunities
  • Digital signage: Enhance your proximity marketing capabilities, with the right message on the right device

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