A consistent taylor made multichannel customer care for insurance digital transformation

Insurance providers typically struggle in having relations with two main stakeholders such as agencies and customers. Both have different players available in the market that are all in deep competition in terms of services and pricing, so that loosing an agency or a customer is a concrete risk.
Digital insurance can be a shift in this competition, because the forward-thinking providers can set up services that are differentiating versus competitors. Eudata takes on this, and offers the right platform to build up the digital insurance.

Usage Examples

Web and Mobile Customer Service
With a single agent desktop, manage multiple real time and asynchronous interactions, improving their efficiency and quality

Remote Advisor
set up an appointment or see the status of your agent online, and simply start a conversation with him, share information, documents and sign contract

Remote access to agencies
put online your agent’s network, give your customers the chance of having access to a physical agency using their browser or a Mobile APP. Use geolocation to define the right agency to engage or associate each customer to a specific agency. Use customer service as a fall back to manage out of hours oremployees  unavailability.

Online customer engagement
Account Managers or agents can see online customers, and based on the cluster where the customer fits, they can propose new investment opportunities

First Customer Authentication
Use a simple video session to acquire new customers by a simple and legally valid process. In 20 minutes you will perform a process that typically needs 5 man-days to be completed, reducing customer’s frustration and risk of confusion

Agencies to Organizational communication process (Agent Service)
realize a simple and efficient communication process to set up efficient conversations between agencies and organizations while an approval for a new contract is needed. Manage all the inefficiencies related to agents’ or employees’ availability and competences

Virtual Branch/Consultancy Kiosk
create a virtual agency to replace or integrate the physical one. Modern kiosks can provide a large set of features from simple video calls to scan, sign and payment capabilities. Eudata can provide both vertical or on desk kiosks, for internal or external environments

Outbound messaging
propose to your customers a new service, product or make an offer using an outbound broadcast campaign. Once the customer receives the message, an agent or his personal accountant will be available to deep dive the topic in real time and follow up to close the sale process.

From a Chabot to a real agent
reduce the effort on customer service, using Chabot, but don’t leave your customer alone if the CHATBOT doesn’t complete the transaction,and transfer the session to a live agent by a smooth transition

IOT Assisted Service
Increase your customer’s loyalty, creating custom services extending their actual contracts

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