Use BOTs to generate efficiency and a better experience on top of the Voice Channel

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A human-like conversation between a BOT and a customer might seem like a futuristic promise, but in Eudata we have already turned it into reality thanks to the VoiceBOT module of Convy.AI.
The Voice channel is still the most used in interactions with customers, representing in fact about 70% of total traffic volumes. Focusing on this channel allows to address great efficiency, gaining also in the quality of the service provided.

Convy AI manages the voice channel with the same degree of intelligence and with the same decision-making capacity used for textual channels, allowing the creation of conversations in real time, bidirectional and contextualised, with the ambition to solve both simple and complex processes.
The VoiceBOT module exploits Convy’s centralized intelligence and makes it available for the Voice channel as well as Chat, Social, Mail and SMS.

Thanks to the integration of Convy AI with existing IVR or telephony systems it’s possible to:

  • Create an automatic experience through natural language for your customers
  • Reduce IVR navigation times, eliminating queue times with great economic advantage but above all with a significant value perceived by the user
  • In case of hand over to an operator, the conversation is optimized thanks to a better call classification

Why Convy.AI is the right choice:

The centralized decision-making intelligence of Convy.AI allows the creation of generic voice and text services. Convy in full autonomy adapts the conversational experience to the peculiarities of the various frontends.

Convy.AI can interact with different components enriching its information capital and being able to take the right decision
Convy.AI has a semantic engine that understands natural language and interprets its content according to context

Convy.AI is a complete conversational module, which guarantees front ends, backend integrations and administrative, monitoring and analytics modules

Convy supports the following IVR / Telephone Systems:






Recording ITA


Recording ENG


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