Solve fast. This is the mantra of Telco in customer service. But sometime it means to have a poor customer experience, that will be the first crack in the relation with customer. Eudata WCS has several capabilities used to solve fast but, at the same time, to provide a nice experience for customers who are experiencing non-conventional problems. Moreover, the usage of outbound messaging can reduce the impact on customer service for common requests, informing them in advance about topics that affect their service.

Usage Examples

Web and Mobile Customer Service
With a single agent desktop, manage multiple real time and asynchronous interaction, gaining efficiency and quality.

Proactive customer engagement
See online customers, target the most relevant or the one that is experiencing some problems and engage him to make a closed deal.

Outbound messaging
Propose to your customers a new service, product or make an offer using an outbound broadcast campaign. Inform them about problems on their service before they call. Once the customer receives the message, an agent will be available to deep dive the topic in real time and follow up to close the sale process.

From a CHATBOT to a real agent
Reduce the effort on customer service, using CHATBOT, but don’t leave your customer alone if the CHATBOT doesn’t complete the transaction and transfer the session to a live agent with a smooth transition

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