Eudata ChatBOT “Convy AI” + Webex Team Integration

Eudata Convy is now also available on Webex Team, the Cisco collaboration platform.
This solution allows companies to realize automated processes based on dialogues to meet the needs of users inside or outside the company.
Thanks to the integration between the Webex Team and Convy, automation of

  • internal company processes (VEA) providing support and assistance services quickly and effectively to all employees through their collaboration platform
  • processes external to companies creating customer care services (VCA) with cost savings for companies and greater customer satisfaction

In the case of complex processes or by express request after the first phase of dialogue with the BOT, it is possible to contact a colleague or a consultant who completes the process.
In the following video, this happens for a mortgage creation process, partly paid by BOT and partly by a financial advisor.

Convy AI + Webex Team

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