Customer onboarding

Be efficient in new customers acquirement

Efficiently obtain new customers, using an online session to complete the onboarding process in less than 10 minutes. It is possible to use human or virtual agent to deliver the process. Save your customer’s time and improve the experience

Identify your customers, give them the chance of signing official documents needless of making them to have an undesired trip to your branch. Recording audio/video, coupled with electronic signature, create valid documents.

Online customer identification: Enables the customer care operator to identify customers online and sign a legally valid contract
Session recording: The video session will be recorded and stored in order to be available in the future
Digital signature: Once “on board” the customer can sign contracts with other digital or biometric information that the system already knows.
First authentication: Using new digital channels, it will be possible to verify users for the first product subscription remotely.

  • Customer support
  • Remote access to branches or shops
  • Expert or VIP Services
  • Personal advisor

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