Customer Centric Analytics

Have access to all the relevant information of customer’s behavior on your digital channels

Beside the traditional KPIs, have access to every single detail of your customer’s activities

Eudata solution out of the box provides a simple and flexible reporting interface that contains all the relevant information to monitor your service, check your customer’s behavior and have access to each single interaction to see qualitative and quantitative information.

KPI: Check your service performance using standard KPIs or create a customed one. The results will be available both in historical or real time data. Easily change the presentation (table or different graphs type) and export the reports in excel format.

Proactive web KPIs: Monitor your proactive engine activity. Check where your customers are, which kind of engagement is more efficient and attractive for your clients.

Session detail: Finalize the single interaction, having access to attached data, conversations, geolocation, duration of the single interaction (divided by the type of channel) and monitoring what every customer receives during a sharing session


  • Service monitor
  • Customer’s behavior monitor
  • Check disputes

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