Convy Conversational Engine  (Chatbot)

Eudata artificial intelligence Convy AI helps customers with a human like experience simplifying customer interactions

Scale up your business using Convy AI, the artificial intelligence that acts like a human helping enterprises to better interact with their clients and agents to be focused on the value added transactions

Company Advantages

  • Increase customer satisfaction due to fast response, pervasive omnichannel approach and H24 availability
  • Contacts handled by CC agents reduction up to 70%
  • Natural language and context understanding ensure a human like empathic dialogue, giving to your BOT a real nature
  • Simply extend it to a large number of services configuring the knowledge base behind
  • Deploy the solution to a number  of contact channels in a single click
  • Context-aware transition from Self Service to Assisted Service (from chatBOT to real agents)
  • Serve thousands users at the same time


Customer Advantages

  • Significant reduction of time spent searching in web site for a certain product/information
  • Brands will give to customers the chance to choose the channel to use, instead of forcing to use their preferred one. This means a huge benefit for customer’s experience
  • The conversation starts immediately and can be closed in a few steps
  • Availability H24


A conversational BOT is an effective support for your business growth, thanks to a human like experience that will improve your customer’s satisfaction and makes available your services 7 x 24. Your customer service team or your expert advisors will work on the value added conversations where human touch is the key for a transaction closure or to avoid a churn.

  • Teacher BOT: an innovative way to compose a dialogue using a conversational interface that makes possible the dialogue set up also without development skills
  • Define your BOT nature: Eudata has the capability to define a BOT character in order to associate it to your brand message
  • Semantic layer: permits to set up open conversations with customers using natural language
  • Seamless transition from self-service to an agent: if necessary, an agent can be involved in a seamless and contextualized way without changing the interface on client side
  • Connectors to Conversational interfaces

Teacher BOT

In addition to the classical configuration BOT mode, the biggest new feature about a conversational engine is the TeacherBOT: a tutorial BOT wizard tool!

The master “Teacher BOT” instructs end user simply and effectively how to create a new BOT ; in the “View All” section Convy Story Board it’s then possible to access to all configured BOT

Front End connectors                            


  • FB Messanger
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Skype for Business
  • WCS Chat
  • Persistent Chat
  • Email, SMS
  • Web ChatBOT
  • Amazon Echo



Back End connectors


  • Cisco UCCE


  • Conversational customer service and support
  • Conversational sales
  • Conversational FAQs
  • Lead generation
  • IOT integration



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