Eudata’s activities include supporting companies in the development of business linked to customer management, thanks to its ability to direct them to agile and efficient solutions and to allow Enterprise Companies to improve the management of their Customers by offering a high customer experience level on all channels, contact points and devices.

The Eudata team consists of professionals whose goal is to create quality services that meet the needs of each individual customer through the design, implementation and management of innovative solutions.

Contact Center

CRM and TT

The Contact Center represents the technological apparatus that extends the functions of the classic call center to the management of new communication systems, such as chat, video chat, collaboration, social, e-mail.

There are more and more companies that, to meet the needs of potential customers and those already acquired, choose to interact more effectively with customers through the solutions offered by multi-channel management.

Eudata develops Contact Center projects as a system integrator thanks to a deep experience in CTI technologies:

CRM represents a company vision able to integrate multiple processes aimed at customer management. In the current market context, it is essential to select a CRM solution that allows the organization to effectively manage the relationship with its reference market with a view to absolute integration with the back office processes.

Eudata is able, thanks to its professionals, to design an effective customer journey starting from the chronological description of the path that the user makes during the use of a service, from the moment in which it is known until the moment in which it ends ‘use.

The skills of Eudata related to the main market solutions are:


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