Cognitive Contact Center (3C)

Use multiple Cognitive data sources to improve your chatBOT decision capabilities

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When considering the evolution of Contact Centers actually everybody is focused on “cognitive technologies”, but what does it mean exactly and how do you leverage the power of one (or multiple) cognitive platform? The response is in Eudata 3C approach, based on Convy (Eudata chatBOT) ability to interact with several cognitive platform, extracting and comparing informations to take real time decisions.

Why chatBOTs today are more and more considered a relevant part of the journey?

It is evident that they are helping Contact Centers in reducing operational costs, but it is also true that they improve the service availability, the scalability and the flexibility in front of volume increase.
The result is that Brands that are using chatBOTs are significantly improving their customer satisfaction.

What is 3c?

In Eudata we have been strongly focused in designing an architecture that can address the previous topics taking at the same time a step further.

A chatBOT can retrieve and put together information from different sources, analyzing it much faster than a human can do: they can compare information related to the customer profile, to its journey, to the company product portfolio and to a specific situation or context, using this info to take decisions based on a flexible schema. Those information resides on a CRM, ERP or other back ends, but more and more they are made available through a cognitive platform, that can extract the information creating a context of knowledge which is much deeper and wider than the one provided by other systems.

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In this way, it is possible to establish dialogues based on 3 incremental steps:

Eudata Convy 3C is the perfect orchestrator for Cognitive engines, that unveils and fully exploits all the value that those platforms can provide to the customer experience. It can interact simultaneously with different cognitive platform at the same time in the same dialogue. This capability is enabled through our connectors  and is realized through the following approach:

  1. Provide information (general info or related to a specific profile)
  2. Analyze a specific situation or being proactive
  3. Engaging the customer as a consequence of the analysis

Eudata 3C – Inform

C3 chat Inform

Basic service, comparable to the other in the market

Eudata 3C – Analyze

c3 chat analyze

Analysis of customer position to provide information content not available with other self-service systems, thanks to integration capabilities and decision-making component

Eudata 3C – Engage

C3 chat engage

In this case the information is used to gradually build the right levels of trust and engagement that make the customer happy, while at the same time the company is able to place new products

Cognitive Contact Center: the Architecture

3C architecture

In detail, the schema presented here provides a technical view of the concepts described so far. AI datasoruces are a part of the platform, and they enable a new way to access information available from the back ends. Using Convy 3C you can map processes that take decisions based on the gathered information, and deliver the info to customers on their preferred digital channels. Working in contact with the back end platforms our solution is able to track every interaction, continuously feeding the whole process and populating at the same time the 360° customer view, towards a full Customer Centricity.


Cognitive Contact Center 3C





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