Real time Audio Video Chat

Use video channel to add a personal touch to communicate with your customers

Eudata Video chat is one of the most flexible and portable communication technologies in the market

It works on all kinds of browsers, mobile device or kiosk with outstanding quality and purity of sound. It is designed to work by a single click, without any installation on your device. Moreover, it is a part of the most feature-rich customer engagement platforms in the market. This means that you can design a service and use video or any other channel based on the customer behaviour or expectation.

Available for web contact centre flow as well as on the expert advisor flow: Video chat works in the same way in every engagement process.

Device Detection: based on the device, the customer’s browser and the bandwidth available, the solution defines the best technology to use to address the video session. The first option for browsers is WebRTC, if not available the fall back is Flash. On mobile devices Eudata provides native SDKs to enrich existing APPs (or create new ones) with Eudata capabilities.

Recording: Eudata provides an integrated recording layer on the top of its platform. The recorder is equipped with a search and tagging engine

SIP Transcoding: the webRTC and Flash audio/video flow can be transcoded into SIP to make available the integration with existing telephony platform or voice recorder

Rich contents: the video chat is not a simple conversation, it is enriched with a set of: technical and qualitative information:

Technical details: customer IP, domain, customer’s device type (mobile, fix), operative system and browser (if used), attached data from the web page, …

Qualitative details: customer details, web page where the chat was activated from, customer profile (if authenticated session), data from initial form, …

Fall Back logics: if the video chat cannot be addressed to the selected target, the system reacts with some fall back logics:

Routing to the fall back service: it is possible to configure a team that will receive the video chat in any case (closed service, unavailable agents, …)

Routing to call back service: it is possible to configure a call back service to manage:

  • out of hour
  • agents unavailable

In case the session cannot be delivered, the call back form appears automatically and asks for the time and the preferred way to be recontacted. It is also possible to create full call back services.

Customizing the experience via SDK: video chat is a part of the SDKs’ libraries and can be customized in terms of UI and process based on customer’s expectations

Technical details:
Frame dimension, up to 4k (4096×2160)
Frame rate, up to 30 fps
Latency, up to 200ms supported
Bitrate, up to 2Mbit/sec one way


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