Scale up your digital customer interactions through humans and BOTs

Company Profile

The enhancement of Customer Experience is our core mission in Eudata.

We help Organizations to:

create value pathways for their customers, making them happy and brand loyal

maximize the return of customer acquisition investment, ensuring recurrent revenues from customers

In doing so, we are constantly focused on the right balance between human and A.I. based services, in order to ensure both service speed and quality.

Our solutions are designed to be efficient for the departments in charge to deliver, manage and measure services so that each necessary action is as intuitive and value-added as possible.

To get there, we have built a technological solution that maximizes the use of digital communication channels, in order to create experiences that strongly reflect both Customers needs and Brands expectations.

Eudata platform integrates with customers proprietary systems, allowing to aggregate digital channels and ensuring structured and uniform content flows through all of them.

Digital channels aggregation, extensive usage of AI and the capability of designing complex customer journeys are the distinctive features of our Digital Engagement Hub.

Today Eudata is present in Europe, Middle East, Far East and Africa with its solutions, thanks also to a network of international partners. Considering only the Italian Finance vertical, Eudata is helping >35 Mln users to interact with their banks, while also extensively operating on Insurance, Retail, Utilities and Telco verticals.

Eudata is mentioned in more than 40 publications by Gartner: we are included in Gartner’s June 2018 “Market Guide for Conversational Platforms”, we are selected as Cool Vendor 2014, and since 2016 we are positioned in the Magic Quadrant for the Customer Engagement with an honorable mention.

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Our Team

Sandro Parisi

C.E.O. Eudata and co-founder of the company, Sandro Parisi worked in the definition of the corporate structure leading Eudata to be one of the main Italian companies engaged in the field of the multichannel contact centre, with a package of solutions and products suitable mainly for Top Customers.”

Pietro Albrizio

Pietro is Responsible for all the operations (COO) managing the delivery teams from both technical  and  profit  and  loss  perspective. With a deep experience  in  managing  complex  projects  on  TOP  Customers, he is the referral point for all the activities inside Eudata


Alfredo Ciano

More than thirty years of experience in Management and Analytics including Projectize,
Planning and Implementation of Complex information Systems matured in Finance and Banking market, Logistic and Public Administration & HR


Walter Losma

Many years of experience to guide SMEs make Walter a successful entrepreneur well integrated into the social and business environment of the North of Italy. From 2016 he holds the position of Chairman and CFO for Eudata



The Eudata Suite


A platform that enables digital conversations between Customers and Organizations, granting service availability on fixed and mobile devices as well as on kiosks. It supports SMS, email, persistent chat, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype for business, real-time chat, Audio/Video calls, and provides access to collaboration systems (sharing tools), and management tools (administration and configuration, reporting, recording, …). Eudata WCS, available on cloud as well as on-premise, has a powerful and versatile SDK layer ensuring the total flexibility of the system.

Convy AI

It is a conversational system that allows implementing human-like automated conversations, in order to provide services ranging from customer assistance through to sales support and marketing. ConvyAI enables the configuration of native omnichannel services through a simplified administration interface that allows creating conversation flows with a zero-coding approach.

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Our Value

Eudata has proposed “ACT AS ONE” model which identifies the ability of digital interactions management with a single customer experience, delivering measurable results on different aspects of each contact. Using Eudata you will be able to define templates and workflows to manage inbound and outbound digital relationships with your customers, moreover, any corporate group (customer care, branches or experts) can be made available online. Eudata also manages the digital self-service processes, thanks to its conversational platform which allows you to create chatbot perfectly integrated with the rest of the solutions.
Ethics, passion and respect for diversities are the mandatory principles of our context, acknowledged by our customers as well as our professional and execution skill.

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